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About us

Environotics Unlimited., created in December 2009, was borne of a passion for regenerating the majesty of life on Earth. We are the sum of an extraordinary team of diversified wholistic altruism with  multifaceted perspectives, all dedicated to the betterment of this planet and its peoples. We intend to be a central part of the renaissance that will produce the regeneration of agriculture.

Realizing we had accessed the broadest diversity of natural, native soil borne microbes to be found and understanding that all life suffers the same core issues our microbes would address, (in appropriate combinations for specific applications) we went to work developing products to remediate, regenerate and proliferate the quality of life.

Environotics is growing the future for a better world through agriculture. We use beyond organic methods, formulate world class farming and bioremediation products, and pioneer leading edge agricultural and consulting services.

All our products are integrated in conjunction with the energies that form the matrix of nature. We incorporate Rudolph Steiner’s methods and formulas into all we do. These are available in their pure form upon request. We have included forms which honor Viktor Schauberger’s findings regarding the potentials for water in structure, purity and delivery.

Environotics products provide the life supporting ingredients soil needs for vibrant plant growth. Our products can eliminate deep chemical residue deposits as well as other pollutants and impurities for pristine, vibrant soil full of life force.

Environotics recognizes that a healthy thriving humanity can only be manifested from vibrantly  alive, nutrient dense foods abounding with the life force and a perspective of constant reverence for the wisdom of Nature.

To date we have highly effective categories for people, pets, horses, farm animals, farming, soils, plants, water, air, mold, remediation. These products have been sold and used successfully for ten plus years with excellent results. This year, documented testing has begun.

Our goal…a humanity thriving on abundant, energetic, and economically available food as medicine for the renewal of ecology and the environment.

We look forward to working with you, so the Earth may be healed.