Compost Tea

Organic Compost Tea

The art of making compost involves calculated acceleration of a natural process. Organic matter does not just melt, it is digested by living microbes in the soil that turn organic matter into perfect plant food, or humus.

Environotics products make an ideal addition to any home or commercial composting program by offering the gardener or farmer a healthy source of diverse soil microbes and biodynamic inputs ideal for speeding up the composting process. 

Compost tea is made with soil microbes in an aerated solution fortified with compost and all organic food sources like fish, molasses, or kelp. In the presence of food and aeration, the microbes grow to extraordinary concentrations.

Microbes sustain the foundation of healthy soil, performing countless functions for the ecosystem. They feed the plants based on their synergistic relationship, strengthening immunity from pests and disease, facilitating nutrient density and so much more.

Compost tea is useful in the backyard garden as well as the commercial farm.

Environotics offers the largest diversity of soil microbes available.

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