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Earth Kelp

Earth Kelp Product Sheet (PDF)

Earth Kelp is a blended variety of wild harvested kelp from the global oceans, some cold pressed and some low heat dried and micronized. No chemicals or high heat. Earth Kelp is organic, liquified and 3x concentrated, rich with minerals and amino acids. A precious gift from the ocean. It is three times as concentrated as other brands, completely water soluble and enhanced with potentized sea water for an abundance of elemental diversity. Earth Kelp delivers over 70 important nutrients to plants, including vitamins and minerals, some of  which are scarce in soils. Earth Kelp reduces summer heat stress in plants, it adds valuable micronutrients, natural growth hormones and vitamins that help increase yields, improve soil structure, reduce plant stress during drought and frost. It is also a bio-activator which improves soil conditions and breaks down compost and plant material.

SizeQty Remaining
16 oz$28.00
32 oz$38.00
1 Gallon$88.00
2.5 Gallons$170.00
5 Gallons$350.00
55 Gallons$3254.00
275 Gallons$15000.00
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