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Liquorish Product Sheet (PDF)

A rich concentration of the most complete spectrum of pure plant derived colloid  minerals we can find. Plant minerals are mined from prehistoric deposits and are water soluble making them far more available for absorption and health in plants than metals or rocks. Liquorish Boosts Immunity & Growth Rate, Increases Plant Oil Potency, Enhances Nutrient Density, Boosts Foliage, Buds & Root Size. Liquorish naturally bears ancient organic minerals and amino acids, along with viable beneficial soil organisms. This product is Environmentally Healthy.  When used in our Three Part Protocol the benefits are even greater.

SizeQty Remaining
32 oz$14.00
1 Gallon$20.00
2.5 Gallons$30.00
5 Gallons$54.00
55 Gallons$386.00
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