“The Vortex Brewer® is a Total Compost Tea Brewing System”

Energize Your Water for More Life and Plant Creation

Steve Storch’s suggested brewing recipe for soil fertility and plant health is Storch’s Vortex Brewer® Bio Dynamic Compound and Storch’s Vortex Brewer® All’s One Tonic.  Application rates for Storch’s Vortex Brewer® Bio Dynamic Compound are as little as 1 heaping Tablespoon to as much as 1/3 of a cup per acre.  Application rates for Storch’s Vortex Brewer® All’s One Tonic are as little as 1 oz to as much as 1/2 cup per acre. Each of these inputs can be used by itself in any garden or farming operation with or without a Vortex Brewer®. Call for more details and specific suggestions for your farming or grow operation.

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