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Hydroponics is truly the art of growing plants without soil. This technique can be done using just water or using soilless growing media such as rockwool or coir fiber. Either way, complete nutrition needs to be delivered in order to accomplish healthy growth.

For example, one of the most effective uses for compost tea is in hydroponic solution. Hydroponic fertilizers provide what a plant must have to grow. Environotics offers  supplements to hydroponic fertilizers, including the living microbes not found in soilless situations and the trace elements not found in base hydroponic nutrients. After all, there is a chasm of difference between what keeps your plants alive and what can make them happy to thrive.

Environotics products that will compliment your hydroponic fertilizer and enhance growth rate and health multi-fold are;

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), involves the use of greenhouses or other growing operations that enclose and control environmental conditions to enhance plant growth.

While there are significant benefits to controlling the environment, this method must somehow compensate for the loss of connection with the natural biome and the many elemental and energetic contributions from Nature.

Environotics products provide a superior ability to bring the outdoors inside.